social media and popular culture

The average teenager can create various personalities on the web before breakfast, the culture of convergence means that life has become a race to remain within ‘the loop’. Never before have young people had to be so alert to the on-goings of modern technology, without vigilance it is possible to get left behind. The woman a midst all of this is racing to keep up, as her identity has been constructed to want social approval and material satisfaction much more than her male counterpart. Since the arrival of Facebook and Twitter and countless other social networking websites their description and reason for addiction can summarized into one thought of the average woman that is ‘That last update was brilliant. Someone’s going to like it any second now..’ 53% of adult females use social media at least on a weekly basis. Ethan Bloch of gift marketing company Flowtown found. Connected with other forms of culture such as fashion, music etc. women are helpless to submit to the demand to want something quick and instant, spending on average (according to Ofcom and other research) 9.5 hours a day online,the era of new media technology may serve to perpetuate anxiety and indecisiveness as it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on one thing.