I’m not too crazy about power dressing

1. It is not desirable and women do not like anything unless it is even remotely desirable or socially acceptable.

2. You don’t get any further than the next girl ┬áif you dress in such away, all you do is create and enter a world of pretense (your head is almost touching the glass ceiling and unfortunately you have not broken through)

3. Its not proven that men or women take you more seriously if you dress in a stern suit and the most ‘masculine of clothes’

4. By ‘power dressing’ you are conforming to a role the notion that power connotes and signifies everything non-feminine and ‘weak’.

As a feminist I just don’t like it, it does not prove anything and by dressing ‘normally’ you create a affinity with other women and set an example. No women do not have to dress like men in a professional environment end of.

(Source: MSN)

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