Body image and the workplace

It seems for females these two subjects do not coexist, instead in the context of work and the professional environment body image is disregarded, hidden under the mindset of a duty to fulfil one’s professional role at work. It seems as females we have collectively come a long way away from the pasts need to protest for civil rights, equal work for equal pay. The answer to the hidden question of whether female body perception really gets in the way of work progression is to look at the long standing influence of culture. Evolutionary psychologists claim that there is a natural inclination (to ensure survival) that makes women have the will and desire to appear attractive to a mate. It is not only this natural desire within women that reinforces stereotypical female behaviour, fashion has become a permanent fixture throughout the world and the introduction of styles such as the dolly bird look and various forms of make-up and social conditioning are what created body image and maintains it. Lauren Fritsch the founder and CEO of coaching collective has said ‘We need to rethink what success is, because success is different for a male CEO and a female CEO’.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to escape the brush with which women have been tarnished with for many decades, the ideology that women desire a man to look after them or even appreciate the efforts we go to look pretty. It seems time has proven for women that we are as intelligent or even more so than men, but there still seems to be this subtle almost non-existent feeling that how women perceive and present themselves in a office or professional environment will always affect how they are treated in a world that remains dominated by men.